About Synthonics

About Synthonics

Synthonics is the global leader in intellectual property and expertise of the Metal Coordination Pharmaceutical (MCP) space.

Synthonics, Inc. is a privately-held specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of patentable drugs that incorporate our proprietary metal coordination chemistry. We bind metals to known pharmaceutical agents to create new products that are better absorbed and delivered and have greater therapeutic benefits than their predecessors. We patent drugs incorporating our chemistry as new compositions of matter.

Our products under development are designed to deliver best in class treatment for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and hypothyroidism.

We are headquartered in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Where will MCP be in the future?

Primary Care

From hypothyroidism and Parkinson’s to inflammatory bowel disorders and influenza, MCP’s ability to improve existing drugs will lead to wide applications. Please see our science and capabilities sections for more information.


The design of G4 binders using medical radiometals can be considered an attractive approach to explore DNA-targeted molecules in cancer theranostics. These nuclear medicine modalities have already made an enormous contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the clinical onset, based on the use of appropriate radioactive compounds designated as radiopharmaceuticals (Carvalho & colleagues).

Outside of Medicine

Synthonics has developed a CBDa compound using MCP with child company Chylocure. Other applications include metallo-caffeine: a “micro-reactor” using metal impregnated biopolymers to selectively modify the absorption of caffeine from various energy drinks and related products.