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We harnesses the power of Metal Coordinated Pharmaceuticals (MCPs) to save lives.

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Synthonics Inc. is the global leader in Metal Coordination Pharmaceuticals, with 4 active US Patents and dozens more pending.

Metals have been considered for millennia to have medicinal values. With the advent of modern medicine, many metal-based drugs have proven to be highly effective in the clinic. Many different metal ions have shown activity against a range of diseases. The unique electronic structure of transition metals offers great versatility, not always seen in organic drugs, in terms of the ability to tune the properties of a given molecule (McQuitty).

In September of 2010, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the first patent in Synthonics’ portfolio. This composition of matter patent, which covers a complex of zinc with triiodothyronine (T3), establishes the patentability of novel molecules created by chelating a metal to a known drug. Synthonics has since definitively demonstrated that Metal Coordination Pharmaceuticals (MCP) can significantly improve a drug’s absorption. The portfolio currently hosts 4 US Patents for MCP technologies with dozens more pending.

Benefits OF MCP

Higher Efficacy

MCP improves efficacy of IV delivered drugs.

Faster Absorption

MCP speeds the onset of action of Over The Counter (OTC) products.

Less Variability

MCP reduces the variability of absorption of relatively insoluble drugs, such as furosemide.

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