About Synthonics

We are a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and licensing of drugs that incorporate our proprietary metal coordination chemistry. Metal coordination entails attaching a pharmaceutically acceptable metal to an active pharmaceutical agent to create a new and more effective drug: a metal coordinated pharmaceutical or MCP. Metal coordination offers tremendous flexibility, allowing us to "dial in" the desired pharmacokinetics by varying the metals and adjuvants used and the manner in which they are attached.

Synthonics uses its novel metal coordination chemistry to modify specific properties of the drug. In its simplest application, metal coordination can improve a drug's performance by increasing its effective bioavailability, reducing its variability of absorption and the time course of effects. By improving already approved agents, Synthonics can create a deep portfolio of novel drug candidates with potential for best-in-class efficacy and safety at greatly reduced risk.

In addition, metal coordination can increase the stability of biologic drugs and the solubility of lipophilic drugs at normal pH to permit their intravenous delivery. Advanced applications of metal coordinated pharmaceuticals permit targeted and synergistic delivery of multiple drugs to specific cells or tissues.

The Company has identified over 400 drug candidates that can form stable metal complexes and is currently working on improving the performance of several drug products. It has demonstrated that metal coordination chemistry could significantly improve the clinical performance of drugs that are used in a variety of prevalent disease states.

MCPs represent a new generation of pharmaceuticals. Metal coordination can be used to create innovative and distinct versions of existing or patent-expiring pharmaceuticals, and could be profitably applied to once promising drug candidates that had been abandoned due to problems with drug delivery.